Restaurateurs, do you know the (French) platform capable of presenting an attractive menu from a distance… FREE OF CHARGE?

Respect the social safety distance! Wash your hands! Avoid touching…

Outdoor entertainment and COVID-19 do not mix in early 2020. All sectors are impacted by this crisis, and the restaurant industry is no exception.

However, in a few weeks (we hope), your establishment will be authorized to reopen.

How will you go about providing the best services while safeguarding everyone’s safety?

“JUDGE-FOOD ADVISOR” is an application funded by FrenchTech to serve consumers.

It is also a marketing tool dedicated to restaurateurs (available on IOS and Android).

The video proof :

Without a doubt, this application will be an essential asset for your recovery.

We’ll explain why:

How do you plan to present your menu to customers?

Passing cards from hand to hand can be a risk for both customers and your staff.

The full menu on the slate? A rather energy-intensive solution if it has to be presented at every table, and which could also make some customers impatient.

Printing disposable menus? At what cost? Not to mention the ecological impact if every restaurant on the planet did it.

So what’s the solution?

Digitize your establishment!

The professional application “JUDGEFOOD Restaurant”, dedicated solely to restaurant owners, simply answers these many problems (available on Android, soon on IOS).

Present an attractive menu directly on your customers’ smartphone by simply taking pictures of your dishes and cocktails!

Then upload the pictures to your restaurant’s profile. You will be able to bring a full description of your recipes and display the prices.

Watch the video below:

Highlight your establishment and the menus you offer on the Advisor application.

The dishes will be directly synchronized to a web page dedicated to you.

About 40 restaurants are already there, for example :

Flower Paradise (Mauritius Island)

L’Indochine (Réunion)

Le Faubourg (France, Metz)


Do you do take-out orders?

But then, how can you conquer from your kitchens, a cautious clientele, who do not have in visibility what you will have to offer them ?

So, opt for the digital JUDGE-FOOD Advisor solution, and present your menu remotely! Because as soon as a customer sees your dishes, there’s a good chance they’ll eat at your place rather than elsewhere.

Moreover be located on a new culinary map and stay reachable in one click for your take-away orders!


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